Panel DiscussionDon’t Tell Me To Calm The F*ck Down: Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Assertiveness Skills

Presented by Support Act

Mental Health Stream

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Wednesday 21st October
1:30PM - 2:30PM (AEST)

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This workshop explores our main sources of conflict, and the top reasons why people get on our nerves and piss us off. It will teach you some top tips to defuse conflict before you (or the other guy) lose it, including assertive communication techniques, and why it’s important to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Finally, it will help you reflect on certain situations or people that you find particularly rage-inducing, what you might learn from them, and provide you with a few grounding and soothing methods to tend to your emotional shit-storm and bring you back down to earth. 


Luke O'Connor


Support Act - Industry Relations and Partnerships Manager

Ash King

Conference Speaker

Support Act / The Indigo Project - Mental Health Educator / Provisional Psychologist

Brendon Love

Conference Speaker

The Teskey Brothers - Bass player

Caleb Williams

Conference Speaker

Unified Music Group - Senior Artist Manager