Panel DiscussionCOVID F*cked My Tour Lyf: Artist Lifestyle Roundtable

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Thursday 22nd October
2:00PM - 3:00PM (AEST)

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For a lot of artists, live music is not only their main stream of income, it is also a way of life. From the adrenaline highs to the post-tour blues, unless you’ve lived it, it’s a hard thing to understand. Now in the midst of COVID and ongoing shutdowns and restrictions, artists are missing life on the road.  

Join artists Mo’Ju, Ecca Vandal and more as they reflect on the ups and downs of touring and discuss how ‘COVID F*cked My Tour Lyf’.

Which of your least favourite bits of touring are you actually missing now that you can’t do it? How do you care for yourself on the road and are you loving sleeping in your own bed right now? How do you keep personal relationships steady when you’re on the road? And do the people who say they miss you take it back now that you’re stuck at home? How are you vibing your new life on social media? And how does a real live audience hit different?

Say f-you to COVID and chat about getting your tour lyf back on track.





Ecca Vandal

Conference Speaker

Ecca Vandal - Artist

Ella Hooper

Conference Speaker

Ella Hooper - Artist

Jaguar Jonze

Conference Speaker

Jaguar Jonze - Artist/Manager