Panel DiscussionCommunity Radio, First Nations Network


Thursday, 7th September
2:00PM - 3:00PM


Yutta Yutta-ba @ Queens
368 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,


Discover more about the extensive community radio network that supports Australian music daily, with this focused BIGSOUND panel. Featuring a number of community radio professionals, this panel will dive into how the Australian community radio network currently supports First Nations music and artists.

As more and more stations grow their platforms and daily, there is a new turn over of presenters and programming around the country, it can be hard to tap in and find out how community radio can best serve you and your music. Community radio stations are still such an important part of the wider music landscape, and can help build and maintain an artist’s momentum long-term.


Andrew Khedoori

Industry Guest



Conference Speaker