Panel DiscussionCLOCK Your Skills


Thursday, 8th September
4:15PM - 5:00PM


Cellar - Cloudland
641 Ann St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,

For many who work in the music industry – at any level - their pathway into it was a practical one over the traditional education route. For many, this means leaving school or opting out of seeking tertiary education in order to take up an opportunity to learn their craft in the industry itself.  

The music industry is one of the few where the qualifications people can earn are not informed by the industry itself. This means that the industry is largely built on the mastery of real work skills and implementation, but oftentimes, the formal qualification or a broadly recognised recognition of such skills (that would be available in other industries) aren’t available.

The Clock Your Skills program aims to help music business professionals identify and consolidate their strengths and transferable skills as well as contribute to formalised qualifications. This panel will explore the Clock Your Skills program in more detail, using examples of industry professionals who have undertaken the program and have benefitted from their engagement. 

Want to hear wisdom from Denise? Head to BIGSOUND's Roundtables on Wednesday, 7th September at 3:45PM - 5:15PM in Cloudland's Rose Room to ask your questions in these deep-dive conversations! 


Maggie Collins



Chelsea Gough


Concord Music Publishing - Senior Vice President

Kiwat Kennell


Denise Stanley


ACM (UK) - Head of Research & Development and Knowledge Exchange


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