Panel DiscussionBeyond The Black Tile: How To Dismantle And Transform The Music Industry

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Wednesday 21st October
4:00PM - 5:00PM (AEST)

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So you shared a black a tile on social media, now what? 

On Tuesday 2 June a large portion of the music industry participated in the #BlackOutTuesday movement: an initiative in response to the Black Lives Matter 2020 resurgence in America. Across the oceans, in so-called Australia, BLM resonates with Indigenous peoples as it is deeply connected to the Black Deaths in Custody movement. Although #BlackOutTuesday generated some discussion, it was also met with criticism from people of colour as an example of performative allyship that did not lead to tangible restoration, reparations or reform in the music industry. 

This discussion will offer pathways and suggestions from people of colour within the music sector on how to activate real change, and support different systems.


Rhianna Patrick


ABC Radio - Presenter/Producer


Conference Speaker


Busty Beatz

Conference Speaker

Hot Brown Honey - Co-Creative Director/Music Director/Beatz Producer

Paul Gorrie

Conference Speaker

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