Warren Handley

Visual Artist


Warren Handley is a Multimedia Artist and Graphic Designer based in Brisbane who works across various digital media such as video, animation, sound, collage and illustration. His work is often psychedelic in aesthetic and geometric in form and abstraction is often the prominent process within his practice. Since graduating from Art School with First Class Honours at Griffith University's QCA he has regularly exhibited work in both group and solo shows across South East QLD as well as being involved in Brisbane's underground electronic music scene as a practicing VJ, Projection Artist and Designer.

Artwork Title: Blossom Into The Void

Artist Statement: Inspired by the cosmos and our place within it as Earthly beings, Warren and Wah's hallucinatory journey through the conceptual universe is an existential meditation on what it means to be a part of nature.

#Artwork Location

The Brightside Brisbane

27 Warner St
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

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