Sonny O’Brien

Visual Artist


“The stuff you share is what i imagine the inside of a black hole looks like. Just a mishmash of bizarre but cool things for my eyes and ears.”

Sonny is an interdisciplinary artist mixing forms into a gooey creative mess of collagey bizarreness. He has a fascination with experimenting in digital and analog mediums, spawning a growing portfolio of music, animations, photography, collage, film and video and generative art.

Sonny O'Brien Co: making things look good, so that you can look at things that look good.

Artwork Title: A Bottle-O Animations

Artist Statement: Located above the Valley wine shop on the Wickham and Brunswick intersection sits a collection of animations exploring a world of surreal, colourful and nostalgic imagery. The series is Sonny's first ever foray into 3D design and motion graphics, already demonstrating a playful use of of the medium alongside his collage process. Children's book cutouts mixed with the macabre, thriving coral organisms, undercover Wiggles and tongue in cheek distortions; all will dance on display on the Sky Lotus window.

#Artwork Location

Sky and Lotus

Level 1 and 2/234 Wickham St
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

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