Kirsten Baade

Visual Artist


Kirsten Baade has a love of all things bright and colourful. She has an intellectual and creative curiosity for subjects involving art, design and music. Kirsten has a degree in robotics engineering and she incorporates these skills into her artistic practice. She is interested in creating electronic, kinetic and illuminated artworks as well as public murals.

Kirsten has produced works for Vivid Sydney, SWELL Sculpture Festival, Brisbane Canvas, Brisbane Urban Smart Projects and Animals With Attitude Sculpture Trail.

Artwork Title: The Eyes

Artist Statement: A cluster of glowing neon eyes peer out from the depths of Overells Lane. The cartoonish eyes blink animatedly, illuminating the entrance to 256 Wickham.

#Artwork Location

Overells Lane

Overells Ln
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

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