Ziggy Ramo

Sydney, Australia



Rapper and changemaker Ziggy Ramo knows his worth. An award-winning musician and producer of Wik and Solomon Islander heritage, Ziggy’s artistry challenges the settler colonialism and institutional racism upon which Australia was built.

Through speaking engagements, music or directorial projects, his creativity channels perspectives that are often neglected or suppressed. Over the years, he has developed lyrical sensibility influenced by artists such as Kev Carmody, Lauryn Hill and Common, along with activists like Charlie Perkins, Gary Foley and Adam Goodes. He offers unique and salient commentary on race, masculinity and mental health.

With the release of his phenomenally important LP Black Thoughts in 2020, Ziggy floored the industry with his vital and powerful messages, commanding the attention of listeners and commentators around the country. The album was awarded the FBI Album of the Year and April 25th took home FBI Single of Year


Christine Anu & Ziggy Ramo

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