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Renée Hermsen started her career in music in The Netherlands by driving her mates’ band around, who later became one of the biggest alternative bands in the Netherlands. While still at uni she joined their management agency as a day-to-day manager in 2010.
In order to finish her thesis at last, she went on to work as a freelancer, working in the live business as tour manager, merchandiser, stage manager - whatever was needed.

Until she joined MOJO, the biggest concert and festival promoter in The Netherlands in 2014, first as a booking assistant, then shortly after as project coordinator for some of Holland’s most beloved festivals; Lowlands, We Are Electric, Down The Rabbit Hole and Pitch.

In 2017 Renée moved to Melbourne where she started as a promoter for Live Nation. Early 2020 she moved to Auckland and continues to promote across both territories, working with acts like Pixies, BENEE, Aldous Harding, TEEKS, IDLES and many more.


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