Oscar Dawson

Artist | Producer


Whether in league with the innovative Holy Holy, or on retainer for some of the most exciting acts rotating now, Oscar Dawson is always looking to connect. His art as a musician, engineer and producer is the manufacture of a sonic arc that extends from the heart of the author to that same affecting muscle in the receiver.

Dawson explains, “I strive to seek feeling and connection with the art, to take the emotional peaks and troughs of a song or piece of music, and heighten or deepen them.”

This holistic method to studio sound makes Oscar Dawson a regular match for zeitgeist creatives looking to define a sonic blueprint. Creating a framework for collaboration, Dawson first considers factors of artist progression when dialling in the controls of a project

“I can get a sense of how a song or body of work fits in to the overall momentum of the artist, how it factors in to their broader goals. How they want to express it live, how they want to perform it.”

Dawson’s firm grounding in music and renown as a multi-instrumentalist of easy skill means that he resonates at sympathetic frequencies to those seeking out his patented lush and expansive sound.

He considers, “some producers come to production from the angle of engineering. I come to it via the music. I know the language of the music, I know the chords, how to play the song.”

In the studio, Dawson is sought for his high definition, textured approach to sound, not only adding requisite sheen and focus, but a deeper nuance, so the feeling shines through. This same attention to detail extends through to the final mix, where he brings height, depth, width, punch and clarity to the sound, communicating the musical message - in any listening environment.

“I seek beauty and magic in music, and I think people connect with those things, no matter what the environment, and even if they don't know it.”

The key to music that truly connects is authenticity. Dawson is aware of this and subscription to the concept avoids selling both the artist and the listener short.

“For my own project staying true is important, and likewise when working with other artists - I try to make sure that we stay real.”

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