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Nidala Barker


Driven by her relentless hope in humanity, NIDALA’s work dedicates itself to creating reconciliation; of ourselves with our emotions, of our daily lives with our natural environments, and of Indigenous wisdom with innovative ideas. Whether it be through her music or her workshops, she reminds us of our belonging in this world, and helps us to step bravely into our shared responsibility to protect it. Born of the Aboriginal Djugun [ju-g-oon] people of the Kimberley, her words are anthem for open hearts and raised fists.

Formally, she hold a Master’s of Sustainability from the University of Sydney carried by her time in the jungles of northern Colombia and urban farms in Sydney, as well as a double degree in Public Policy and Social Justice Law from Macquarie University. She has worked for major organisations like the Big Issue and Greenpeace, as well as in farming cooperatives and nature mentoring programs.

Musically, she self-produced and self-released her first single 'Howl at the Moon' in late 2019, and in 2021 produced a fundraising carbon neutral EP named ‘Colours of my People’ featured in publications such as Rolling Stones and the ABC.

She has appeared on numerous podcasts including Wardrobe Crisis, It takes courage to tell the truth, and Let’s Talk Peaches; spoken in a range of panels for organisations such as Sustainable Campus Australia, Yes&, Better Futures and Xyntheo's Leadership Vanguard. She has written for a range of publications such as The Ethical Unicorn and Ethical Made Easy and Huffington Post, and currently sits on the Board of Green Music Australia and Refugia Pty Ltd.

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