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Following the release of EP THE LIFE OF MONTAIGNE and then debut album GLORIOUS HEIGHTS, Montaigne’s evolution as an artist was a journey fans and industry became part of, as they were able to witness her growth as a musician and performer on stages nationally.

The release of GLORIOUS HEIGHTS featuring the ARIA Platinum single ‘Because I Love You’ propelled Montaigne onto more radars around the country and earned accolades including a #4 ARIA Chart position and the ‘Best Breakthrough Artist’ award at the 2016 ARIA Awards.

2019 saw the arrival of her sophomore album fittingly titled COMPLEX. The album was representative of the artist who had been powering ahead in carving out her own lane in Australian music. 2020 brought another pivotal moment for Montaigne, as she was selected to represent Australia at Eurovision in Rotterdam 2020, having won the Eurovision: Australia Decides competition with her stunning song, ‘Don’t Break Me’. Reining in her new era of music with the single Now (In Space), Montaigne followed the release collaborating with one of the world’s most celebrated artists, David Byrne on her new single ‘Always Be You’.

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