Mohamed Komba


Mohamed Komba is fascinated by the science of music but on a deeper level, obsessed with its ability to help people understand each other.

These passions have led him to a colourful music career spanning two decades, with a resumé that reads longer than most. He’s been an artist, label owner, producer, writer, engineer, mentor, and now A&R manager at Warner Music Australia.

First appearing as a member of hip-hop group Diafrix at the turn of the millennium, he later delved behind the scenes and has been a pivotal force behind homegrown artists like Kaiit, Miiesha, Lisi and more.

To this day, his focus remains on empowering youth through music and bringing the vibrant and eclectic sounds of the African diaspora to the world. Mo speaks three languages - English, Swahili and Shingazika - and is proudly made by dyslexia.


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