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Kerry Kennell

Artist Manager


Kerry Kennell is a respected company director, board director, artist manager, lawyer and owner of Kennell&Co Impact Consulting + Strategy. Kerry is (more importantly) a dog mum, a best friend, a sister, a daughter, and a proud Meriam woman with connection to Ugar and Erub islands.

Kerry’s was called to Naarm’s music scene in 2018 where she has since been elected and holds the position of Deputy Chairperson of the Music Victoria Board of Directors and Board Member at the AAM (and proudly the first Torres Strait Islander to do so, in both organisations). Kerry also loves to learn from stories shared by others, you will often see her at workshops, conferences, listening to panel speakers, or participating as a mentee or mentor on music related mentorship program.

Her consulting firm, Kennell&Co provides business consultancy and artist management, a roster which includes Alice Skye and Kiwat Kennell. Kerry also works closely in a consulting capacity with small to medium creative businesses and organisations, that are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, female or queer led. Kerry’s work has been well received by the community, as she supports the leaders of these businesses to identify and bring their purpose to life, whilst focusing on individual strengths and creating tailored strategies that allow business-owners to thrive within a model that works for them. Doing business their way.

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