Karina Hogan


Karina Hogan is a proud First Nations and South Sea Islander women with a passion for elevating voices in her community.

She is a Content Producer, Broadcaster and Journalist with a thirst for making a positive impact. She works for the ABC Brisbane as a content Producer and recently finished broadcasting for the flagship program for Triple A's Lets Talk Program.

She was the Impact Producer and Researcher for the Logie Award winning documentary 'Incarceration Nation' and is completing an research Honors at Griffith university focusing on the representation of diverse and First Nations women impacted by violence in the media . She is an experienced and passionate non-executive Director on the Board if the Children's Hospital Queensland (CHQ) and the deputy Director of Blackdance theatre company Brisbane with a history of working on the Brisbane ATSICHS board and Sisters Inside board.

She is a single mother to two and helped raise her five nieces who are all at the centre of the work she does at home and in the public sphere.


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