Conference Speaker

Alexis Benedict

Melbourne, AUS

Tomboi Records - CEO | Owner


Alexis Benedict is seasoned in the music industry. Self-managing, producing, performing, writing and recording for over 25 years. After many years writing and touring their own musical projects, as well as time spent working behind the scenes developing, producing and collaborating with other artists, Benedict saw and experienced a similar trend happening throughout the industry. A lack of support, and safe labels or sectors for Women, LGBTQIA plus and POC. From this gap that Benedict found, Tomboi was born. Now with six artists on the roster and Benedicts drive to represent and create a safe label, Tomboi Records and management have hit the ground running. Benedict has always been drawn to positive change, and always one to stand up against injustices in the world. Now with the goal of representing the under-represented within the music industry, they explain, “My label aims to represent Women, LGBTQIA+ and POC artists in music. 3 groups that I believe do not get enough support in the music industry. Being a non-binary person myself, I felt the need to create a safe label where artists can create and be themselves with full support behind them. I have experienced both sides of discrimination and lack of support in this industry, and it is time to tip the scales and start a new trend!”


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