Public Events

BIGSOUND offers something for everyone, view our array of free public events thanks to our partners Ableton, JMC Academy and Nod Pods.

BIGSOUND Social Hub @ X Cargo
Tue 4 - Fri 7 Sept, 10:00am - 4:00pm

#Ableton Lab

Visit the Ableton Lab at BIGSOUND 2018 for a chance to WIN Live 10 (Suite).

Ableton Lab presents a unique opportunity for BIGSOUND attendees and the public alike to gain an insight into Ableton Live’s unique workflow, via hands on mentoring sessions in an intimate environment.

A variety of workshop flavours will be available catering to a range of musical tastes and proficiency levels. A range of instruments and controllers will also be on hand. 

Ableton Certified Trainer Tyler Solleder who has a passion for fusing natural sounds with technology will guide attendees through concepts such as beat creation, sampling and sound design. Product Specialist Tristan Malloch will illustrate Ableton Live’s unique advantages from a songwriter/live performer’s perspective covering concepts such as warping and arrangement experimentation using Live’s unique session view.  

No RSVP required, open to the public.

#JMC Academy

Visit JMC Academy at BIGSOUND Social Hub to immerse yourself in Songwriting, production techniques and new music.

JMC Academy staff and students present a range of practical sessions for BIGSOUND delegates and members of the public focusing on Songwriting, recording and music technology.

The workshops will feature an array of contemporary styles and sounds, showcasing modern production and performance techniques for a variety of skill levels.

One-on-One production and Songwriting feedback sessions with JMC lecturers will give you targeted advice on your work, plus guitar technique and effect sessions will hone in on ways to achieve the best guitar sounds for your tracks.

Live recording sessions with acclaimed Brisbane musicians and JMC lecturers will deconstruct songs, sharing strategies for creative part development, loops and layering, effect processing and groove concepts.

Drop in at any time throughout the conference to track new ideas and try out sounds on a range of gear, plus hear about the performance and production courses at JMC Academy Brisbane.

One-on-One Sessions limited, book now below!

#Nod Pods Pop-Up

Come and checkout the latest in innovation at the Nod Pods Pop-Up in the BIGSOUND Social Hub.

Nod Pods will change the expectations of all festival goes when it comes to onsite camping. Nod Pods offer portable fully collapsible accommodation, pairing the convenience of staying close to the action with the comforts of your own home; including alternating 240V & Solar power options, air-conditioning/heating, phone charging, secure lock up, bunks, double beds and more.

To show exactly how comfortable the accommodation is we have teamed with the band we believe will leave BIGSOUND with as much buzz as we will. The band will be living in our very first Nod Pod within the BIGSOUND Social Hub.


Industry Partner

Nod Pods